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HP 7210 Right Cartridge Error

Well it’s seems lots of people are having problems with this Officejet all in one Printer from Hewlett Packard. The dreaded Remove and check right print cartridge error.

It’s much as anything this is in fact a design fault error with the printer, weak components and poor quality. Hardly what you would expect from a well-known make.

We ourselves have one of these printers, so far we have had one replacement only from HP, be it a reconditioned unit, and now as the warranty is just out they are unwilling to do anything about the faults.

It’s seems it all stems from the retaining spring clip the pushes the right cartridge (black ink) up against the connector at the back, after a while of the print cartridge moving back and forth the plastic retaining clip that holds the spring snaps (as we found this happens before you even run of ink on your first cartridge!) this can then lead to the spring scraping the circuit board and cutting the tracks, which then gives you a very nice error message and an extremely big paper weight, as that is about as much use as the 7210 printer serves.

But don’t take out word for it, take a look at the links below, these details a number of sites and forums where people are all having the same problems, makes for some interesting reading.

HP Website




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HP 7210 Right Cartridge Error