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Electronic Circuits



 Here your find some of the circuit and controls I have built for robots that might be useful in your robot or what ever. Also se my "Tutorials" page for information on building robots, including PIC controlled ones.

Simple servo switch

Tells you how to make a servo switch for turning things on and off.

H-Bridge Circuit

An easy way to control your low current motors.

Read more hear

The LM339 Comparator IC

With night lighter circuit




Resistor values made easy.

Which resistor values and what colours are they, find out here.

Want books on building robots and using PIC Micro controllers then look at my books page.


This page tells you a little bit about logic and how it's used, also has information about JK flip-flop on it.

Servo forward and reverse 2 motor controller

This tutorial will tell you haw to make a basic servo controlled two motor forward and reverse power controller (speed controller) for a robot.

Capacitors and motors

This tutorial will tell you how to put compression capacitors on to your motors to stop electrical interference to your electronic gear.

Battery charger circuit.

Info on building a RC Ni-Cad battery pack charger.









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